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At SelectPro, we understand the importance of finding professional and reliable services that you can count on when HVAC issues arise. Whether your heating or air conditioning needs repair our licensed and experienced team of HVAC specialists in Philadelphia PA are here when you need them most.

Pennsylvania winters come with lots of snow and can be brutally cold. And while it is fun to be indoors during the winter watching football and celebrating the holidays, the mood can quickly change when your heater goes out. If you have a heating system failure in the middle of the winter, it is a top priority to get it working again, and that's where the Philadelphia Pennsylvania HVAC experts at SelectPro HVAC come in.


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When you get in touch with the professionals at SelectPro HVAC, we will come out to your home to either replace your existing heater or ensure that your new heater is performing at its highest level. If you do need us to install a new heating system, the job can normally be completed in an afternoon. But if there are any issues with your ductwork, this could necessitate one or two additional service calls to do all of the work.

When it comes to heater maintenance in Philadelphia PA, it's a simple equation; spend a little now on preventative service and save a fortune in heater repair bills later. We recommend having your heater tuned up at least once a year (preferably in the fall) just ahead of the cold weather. Though it may seem like some extra work and cost to have us come out and service your heater, it will extend the life of the heater several years and in most cases prevent an expensive repair.

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Getting your heater repaired in Philadelphia PA isn't ever a fun thing. For one thing, it means you're probably quite cold -- but that's just the tip of the iceberg. It can also put quite a damper on your pocketbook, and of course it means having a team over to your house to try to bring the heat back on. Our heating repair crew is a friendly bunch (no cold shoulders from us) -- but we encourage folks to try and avoid the expense of an emergency visit, so please do consider our annual heater maintenance program.

If that ship has sailed, however, we'll get over to your home and get your heater repaired right away, and have you toasty in no time. Just to make sure that you really are properly thawed, we'll give you a call the day after to check up on your status.

There are some things you just really shouldn't be too lax about -- and keeping your heater up and running is one of them. Let SelectPro come over and warm your winter wonderland with heating services and heating repair in Philadelphia PA. If your heater hasn't been examined by an expert in over a year, call us today -- and if you're shivering as you read this, call us right now. When we get to your door, it'll be the warmest greeting you get all year.

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