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At SelectPro, we understand the importance of finding professional and reliable services that you can count on when HVAC issues arise. Whether your heating or air conditioning needs repair our licensed and experienced team of HVAC specialists in Philadelphia PA are here when you need them most.

Winter can be a beautiful time of the year. The snow, holidays, football games, and the parties that go along with it, are all part of a great tradition here in Pennsylvania. But when the heat goes out during one of your get-togethers, winter can lose its charm pretty quick. When this happens, it's time to call in the Philadelphia PA HVAC experts at SelectPro HVAC.


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SelectPro's heating services generally consist of ripping out your old heater and putting in a new one, or making sure that your new heater is working properly. When it comes to installing a new heater, so long as your ductwork is intact and functioning, we can generally get it done in less than an afternoon. If you need all new ductwork -- either because your home doesn't have any or because it's old and corroded -- that may mean we come visit a few times to get it all in.

When it comes to heater maintenance, it's simple economic sense; a heater that gets annual maintenance -- preferably in the fall, right before you start using it regularly -- will work much longer without needing repair. Heater repair in Philadelphia PA is expensive, so annual maintenance, while it might seem like a bother, is ideal for your long-term budget. We'll come out to your home, investigate the internal and external units on your heater, look for anything that might be causing it to run poorly or have issues, and fix those small problems before they snowball into big ones.

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When it comes time to get your heater fixed, it's never an enjoyable experience. First off, it usually means you're freezing - but that's only the start of your challenges. It also can be quite expensive bringing an emergency team to your home to get your heater working again. Our professionals are always friendly and we love to help our friends and neighbors when they need to get their homes heated again, but we would rather have you sign up for our annual heater maintenance program. This would allow you to avoid the potential for an unexpected repair bill in the middle of the winter.

If, however, you do not have our maintenance plan and your heat is out, our Philadelphia PA heater repair experts will come over to your house immediately and have the home warmed back up in short order. And just to be sure there are no further issues with your heater, we will give you a follow up call the next day.

There are certain things that homeowners need to take seriously, and one of those is heater maintenance. Philadelphia PA residents should call on the experts at SelectPro HVAC to keep your home warm with our heating services and heater repair. And if you have not had servicing on your heating system for over a year, get in touch with us for a tune-up. If you are reading this from a freezing cold house, call us right away to have our professionals get your heater working again.

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